General terms and conditions of sale for customers of the BITuX Butiken (BITuX)

The terms and conditions are established 2022-12-01 and apply until further notice.


These terms and conditions apply to all sales from the BITuX Buitken, hereinafter referred to as BITuX, to its customers, hereinafter referred to as the customer, unless otherwise agreed in writing in the individual case. The customer's own terms and conditions have no effect on the agreement and the customer is considered to have accepted these terms and conditions when ordering from BITuX.

1.1. Definitions

BITuX has divided its range into two different categories; stock goods and order goods. Stock items are products that BITuX has in its regular range, order goods are products that are ordered uniquely on behalf of the customer.


In order for an order to be binding on BITuX, it must be confirmed in writing by BITuX. BITuX offers customers to place orders by e-mail, or BITuX's trading site on BITuX confirms on weekdays within six (6) working hours order from customer. This order confirmation contains the product name, price, quantity and estimated delivery date.

Terms of sale

3.1 Prices

The price that applies is the post-order order-confirmed price of BITuX. All prices are stated excluding VAT for logged-in business users and including VAT for guests, as well as logged-in private customers. BITuX reserves the right to change prices until the delivery date in the event of price changes from our suppliers or in the event of a change in exchange rates, as well as other events beyond BITUX's ability to influence and control.

3.2 Payment Terms/Credit

Credit delivery takes place after the established creditworthiness. Alternatively, prepayment or payment by credit card, MasterCard or Visa applies. Payment regarding credit deliveries is made against invoice with a 20-day payment period. The due date is indicated on the invoice. Interest on arrears is charged at the rate of 1% per month.

3.3 Shipping

BITuX or its suppliers normally take care of transporting products to the customer. Shipping fees are charged according to the current price list, see under Shipping costs.

3.4 Handling fee

For order value below SEK 300, excluding shipping and VAT, BITuX charges a handling fee (currently SEK 100).

3.5 Cancellation of orders

Cancellation of orders must be made in writing to BITuX. Cancellation of orders containing order items or goods discontinued from the regular range is not possible. Cancellation of orders for cloud services is only possible if the service has not been activated.

3.6 Use of credit memo

Credit notes issued by BITuX can be used as deductions when paying an invoice issued by BITuX. Alternatively,  BITuX can make a refund when the customer has contacted BITuX and specifically requested this. If the customer has not used a credit note within a period of 12 months from the date of the exhibition, BITuX has the right to cancel the credit note and the customer is not entitled to any compensation or payment for this.

4 Terms of delivery

4.1 Delivery

Delivery takes place according to the delivery terms EXW, which means that the customer is responsible for the shipping cost and the risk for the goods. Delivery from BITuX or its suppliers is accompanied by a packing slip. This document contains a reference to the order numbers to which the delivery relates. The delivery note and the product also contain article reference that correspond to each other.

4.2 Delivery delays

All of BITuX's delivery times are calculated. The customer is not entitled to compensation either for direct or indirect damage caused by the customer as a result of BITuX not delivering on time. Should the delays be of material importance to the customer, the customer is reserved the right to cancel the purchase.

4.3 Delivery stops

In the event of a credit limit exceeded or in the event of unpaid overdue invoices, the customer is automatically stopped delivery.

4.4 Non-deliverable deliveries

If deliveries are returned from our carrier for the reason that the delivery cannot be delivered or that the recipient does not accept the order, then the words are credited against an RMA handling cost of SEK 250. If the delivery contains products that are defined as order items, the product is not returned but sent to the invoice recipient.

5 Warranties, complaints, returns, etc.

5.1 Warranty

The products come with the guarantees that the respective manufacturer offers BITuX. For current warranty periods, please refer to

5.2 General Return Terms and Conditions

Before returning or replacing defective goods, the customer must apply for an RMA number via BITuX's website www. RMA confirmation is sent to the customer by e-mail stating whether the application is approved or not, RMA number, information about whether the product is to be credited or exchanged and the amount to which the product may be credited. When the customer sends goods to BITuX, RMA confirmation must always be printed and packaged in the package. Goods sent in return must be  received by BITuX within 7 days of the RMA number sent out. After that, the RMA number is canceled. Products that are returned must be packaged / treated as if they were new. Returns without a valid RMA number are returned to customer without action and customer is charged a shipping/handling fee (see 5.10). Returns that do not comply with the RMA applied for will be returned to the customer without action, and will be charged to the customer a shipping / handling fee (see 5.10). Risk of goods and shipping cost for return to BITuX are responsible / paid by the customer. Send the goods in return with Postnord or another freight forwarder and then always as a "Company Package", all other mail goes in full in return, as we do not have the opportunity to pick these up at agents. Vg send to this address: BITuX Bergslagsresan 115, 757 55 Uppsala.  Do not forget to always state the current RMA number when returning/exchanging.

5.3 Error delivery

BITuX always takes goods in return when there are errors on our part, provided that we are notified of the wrong delivery within 7 days from the invoice date and that the item is returned in unbroken original packaging. It is the customer's responsibility to check whether the real product has been received before the packaging is broken. Notification of missing or incorrectly delivered product must be made immediately or no later than 7 days after the date of delivery.

5.4 Missing delivery/lost packages

If a delivery note is received stating that goods have been delivered but are not received, BITuX shall  be notified immediately. It is the responsibility of the customer to impose any missing packages on the carrier's consignment note. Missing packages are complained about by the customer to the relevant carrier.

5.5 Transport damage

When receiving/acknowledging deliveries, visible damage (packaging damage) must be reported with a written note by the driver on the consignment note/delivery note. If the goods / product are also damaged, this must be reported within 7 calendar days to BITuX. Hidden damage must also be reported within 7 calendar days (no packaging damage) In the event of transport damage, we need pictures of both the packaging and the damaged product. Emailed to:

5.6 Incorrectly ordered by customer

Normally, incorrectly ordered goods are not returned. In special cases can be agreed. This applies to unopened and marketable stock items. Goods are returned for a fee (see paragraph 5.10). In addition, there is a handling fee of SEK 250. Order items are not returned.

5.7 DOA (Dead-On-Arrival)

DOA refers to products that have been found to be broken during unpacking. DOA claims must be made within 30 days from the date of invoice. Products returned as DOA must be returned complete in original packaging. In the event that the returned product does not meet these conditions, it will be returned to the customer, or a packaging fee may be charged (see 5.10).

5.8 Defective product

Products that are declared defective, but are found to be error-free during testing, are returned back to the customer for a survey fee (see 5.10). After finding out BIT u X that the product is  defective, BIT u X chooses whether  the product is to be replaced: repaired with a repaired replacement with a new equivalent product, BIT u X is credited with determining  whether crediting should take place. This is done at the invoiced amount or daily price. However, it is always the lowest price that is credited.

5.9 Packaging

Returns shall be returned in original packaging or in equivalent packaging. Any transport damage as a result of inadequate packaging will be charged to the customer (see 5.10).

5.10 Fees

Examination fee for products that turn out to be whole: SEK 350 plus shipping.

Missing RMA number upon return: SEK 250

Shipping/handling fee: SEK 135

Packaging fee: SEK 250

Accessory fee for incomplete return of product: The price for this varies from product to product, but not less than SEK 200.

Return fee for approved return for crediting. Number of days from invoice date Deduction on invoiced price Less than 15 days 0Between 16 and 30 days 15% Over 31 days at least 50%

5.11. Pre-shipments

On some of BITuX's products, there is a pre-delivery / direct replacement in case of broken product. This means that the customer receives a replacement product for a defective device before this is returned to BITuX. When the customer has received a new product, the packaging must be used for the transport of the defective product including all accessories for BITuX. If the defective unit has not been received within 15 days, the customer will be charged for a factory new unit (so-called post-billing).

5.12 Spare parts, remanufactured

Remanufactured parts must be returned to BITuX within 8 days. They must be returned in original packaging and a copy of the delivery note must be attached. If the part is not received within the set time, an invoice for the difference in the price of the replacement part and a new corresponding product will automatically be charged. Such an invoice cannot be credited. The replacement part is returned to the return address according to paragraph 5.2 above.

5.13 External Service Partners

BITuX has the right to assign to an external service partner, in or outside Sweden, regarding the repair / replacement of defective products. Shipments to and from these service partners are at the customer's expense/risk.

5.14 Manuals and operating instructions

Please note that BITuX does not provide Swedish manuals or installation instructions if these are not supplied by the manufacturer.

6 Force majeure

Should deliveries or other commitments made by BITuX  be rendered impossible by force majeure, which means events that are completely beyond BITuXs control, that are impossible to predict and whose consequences cannot be prevented, BITuX is not obliged to carry out the commitments made and is not obliged to compensate the customer for either direct or indirect damage.

7 Changes or additions to this Agreement

Specific agreements, amendments or additions to this Agreement shall be in writing and signed by both Parties.